Factory Direct Craft Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls | Set of 3 Christmas Mistletoe Balls

Factory Direct Craft Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls | Set of 3 Christmas Mistletoe Balls

Factory Direct Craft Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls | Set of 3 Christmas Mistletoe Balls

Are you looking for the perfect holiday decoration to add some festive charm to your home? Look no further! Factory Direct Craft presents our Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls, a set of 3 beautifully crafted Christmas mistletoe balls that will bring joy and love to your holiday season.

Spread the Holiday Cheer

Our Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls are designed to create magical moments during the holiday season. Hang them in your doorway, above the fireplace, or in any other strategic spot in your home. These mistletoe balls will add a touch of tradition and romance to your holiday celebrations.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Each mistletoe ball is carefully handcrafted by our skilled artisans. We use only the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. The mistletoe leaves are made from premium artificial greenery that looks incredibly realistic. The red berries are made from high-quality foam, adding a pop of color to the design.

Easy to Hang

Our mistletoe kissing balls come with a sturdy loop at the top, making them easy to hang wherever you desire. Simply find the perfect spot, use a hook or ribbon, and let the holiday magic begin. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or spending a cozy night in, our mistletoe balls will create a festive atmosphere.

Perfect for Any Décor

The classic design of our mistletoe kissing balls makes them suitable for any style of home décor. Whether your home is traditional, modern, or eclectic, these mistletoe balls will seamlessly blend in and enhance the festive ambiance. They also make a great gift for friends and family who love to decorate for the holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: How big are the mistletoe balls?
  2. A: Each mistletoe ball has a diameter of approximately 6 inches.

  3. Q: Can I use these mistletoe balls outdoors?
  4. A: While the mistletoe balls are designed for indoor use, they can be used outdoors in a covered area protected from the elements.

  5. Q: Are the mistletoe leaves and berries detachable?
  6. A: No, the mistletoe leaves and berries are securely attached to the ball and cannot be removed.

  7. Q: How do I clean the mistletoe balls?
  8. A: To clean the mistletoe balls, simply use a soft cloth or duster to gently remove any dust or debris.


Get ready to spread the holiday cheer and create memorable moments with Factory Direct Craft’s Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls. Our set of 3 Christmas mistletoe balls is the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. With their high-quality craftsmanship and easy hanging design, these mistletoe balls will bring joy and love to your home. Don’t miss out on this festive opportunity to create magical moments with your loved ones. Order your set of Holiday Mistletoe Kissing Balls today!