Keuco Plan 14962 Toilet Paper Holder Chrome

Keuco Plan 14962 Toilet Paper Holder Chrome

TOILET PAPER HOLDER From the Keuco collection “Plan”

The Keuco Plan 14962 Toilet Paper Holder Chrome is a high gloss chrome toilet roll holder that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. It is part of the “Plan” collection and features an open design suitable for a roll width of 100/120 mm.

Dimensions and Assembly

The toilet paper holder has a width of 133 mm, height of 105 mm, and projection of 27 mm. It is concealed at 2 points for a seamless look. The box contents include corrosion-free mounting material for easy installation.

About the Collection “Plan”

The “Plan” collection is one of the most extensive bathroom collections in the world, offering 450 individual products. It caters to diverse lifestyles and provides a wide range of options for personalized, tailor-made solutions. The collection is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomic, ensuring maximum comfort. Additionally, the “Plan Care” range offers a variety of barrier-free products.

“Plan” Accessories

The accessories in the “Plan” collection, such as handles, towel rails, and towel hooks, are innovative, elegant, and of uncompromising high quality. The toilet paper holder, in particular, stands out with its flawless surface.

Scope of the Collection “Plan”

The “Plan” collection is the most comprehensive and versatile collection offered by Keuco. It caters to all bathroom needs, including guest bathrooms and small spaces. The collection sets standards in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, with options like single-lever mixers, sensor fittings, and pillar valves.

Keuco – The Brand for the Bathroom

Keuco has been a leading brand in sophisticated bathroom product design for decades. Their collections are unique and expressive, just like you. With Keuco, you have the freedom to create your personal bathroom landscape, a cozy refuge that reflects your individuality. The brand is synonymous with reliable quality, ensuring a perfect combination of design and functionality. Keuco products are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting performance.

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