PowerTac CAD-G4: Cadet-G4 Rechargeable Flashlight

PowerTac CAD-G4: Cadet-G4 Rechargeable Flashlight

PowerTac CAD-G4: Cadet-G4 Rechargeable Flashlight

Are you a cadet looking for a reliable and powerful flashlight? Look no further than the PowerTac CAD-G4. This rechargeable flashlight is designed specifically for cadets, providing them with a reliable source of light during their training and missions.

Features and Benefits

1. Rechargeable Battery

The PowerTac CAD-G4 comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing cadets to easily charge their flashlight whenever needed. Say goodbye to constantly buying and replacing batteries, and enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable flashlight.

2. High Power Output

With a maximum output of 1000 lumens, the PowerTac CAD-G4 provides cadets with a bright and powerful beam of light. Whether you’re navigating through dark terrains or signaling for help, this flashlight has got you covered.

3. Durable Construction

The CAD-G4 is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Its rugged construction ensures that it can handle drops, impacts, and water exposure. This makes it the perfect companion for cadets who often find themselves in challenging environments.

4. Multiple Lighting Modes

From high to low, strobe to SOS, the PowerTac CAD-G4 offers multiple lighting modes to suit different situations. Cadets can easily switch between modes to adapt to their surroundings and conserve battery life when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

A: The battery can last up to 3 hours on the highest setting and up to 200 hours on the lowest setting.

Q: Is the flashlight waterproof?

A: Yes, the PowerTac CAD-G4 is waterproof and can be submerged in water up to 2 meters deep.

Q: Can the flashlight be mounted on a weapon?

A: Yes, the CAD-G4 is compatible with most weapon mounts, allowing cadets to use it as a tactical flashlight.


The PowerTac CAD-G4 is the ultimate rechargeable flashlight for cadets. With its high power output, durable construction, and multiple lighting modes, it is the perfect companion for any cadet’s training and missions. Say goodbye to unreliable flashlights and equip yourself with the PowerTac CAD-G4 today.