Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501 – Product Content

Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501 – Product Content

Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501

A quality product that reflects your perfect lifestyle. It comes naturally for our esteemed customers and business partners to expect high quality and standards that reflect their refined tastes. I’m happy to say that over 45 years since inception, the Sivanesan Group of Companies has been able to consistently deliver the same with quality products that have achieved uniformly high levels of “Customer satisfaction” and “business trustworthiness”. A delivery that’s made possible by vision, commitment, and the efficient execution of business functions across the company. And we at Sivanesan, wholeheartedly intend to maintain the same for years to come. We look forward to serving you now and in the future as well.

Mirroring Concerns for Healthier Cooking

A Likeness of the state-of-the-art. Mixer Grinders. Complex food processing requirements are considerably simplified – through the application of advanced state-of-the-art features for contemporary kitchen chores. Crafted using quality manufacturing processes, Premier Mixer Grinders employ stainless steel jars and durable multi-purpose cutting blades to tackle virtually any food processing job. Safety of usage is ensured by a 550/650/750 watts heavy-duty motor with an automatic overload cut-off system. Rubber feet ensure a firm grip on work surfaces during use.

Premier Cute Mixer Grinder

Premier Cute Mixer Grinder features a unique blade design and a multipurpose stainless steel blade for uniform wet and dry grinding. This versatile unit grinds spices, nuts, grains, and pulses in minutes. It is designed to meet various food processing needs such as grinding chutney, Idli and Dosa batter, dry spice grinding, coffee grinding, smoothies, flax seed, ice crushing, and many more tough grinding needs in the kitchen.

Key Features:

  • 3 STAINLESS STEEL JARS (Jar Size: 1.5L, 1.25L & 0.5L)
  • Dry and wet Grinding
  • ISI Certified Mixer Grinder
  • Includes a Manual book
  • Warranty card
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is the power rating of the Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501?
  2. The Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501 has a power rating of 550W.

  3. What are the jar sizes included with the Premier Cute Mixer Grinder?
  4. The Premier Cute Mixer Grinder comes with three stainless steel jars of sizes 1.5L, 1.25L, and 0.5L.

  5. Is the Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501 suitable for both dry and wet grinding?
  6. Yes, the Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501 is designed for both dry and wet grinding.


Experience the convenience and versatility of the Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501. With its powerful motor, stainless steel jars, and advanced features, this mixer grinder is perfect for all your food processing needs. Whether you want to grind spices, make chutney, or prepare batter for your favorite dishes, the Premier Super G Mixer Grinder KM 501 is the ideal kitchen companion. Order now and enjoy the benefits of Premier products.