Rancase Compatible with Galaxy A20/A30/A50 Case

Rancase Compatible with Galaxy A20/A30/A50 Case

Rancase Compatible with Galaxy A20/A30/A50 Case

Protect your Samsung Galaxy A20/A30/A50 with the Rancase, a three-layer heavy-duty shockproof case that combines hard plastic and soft silicone rubber for ultimate protection. Available in purple.


Three-Layer Protection

The Rancase offers three layers of protection to safeguard your Galaxy A20/A30/A50 from drops, impacts, and scratches. The hard plastic bumper absorbs shocks, while the soft silicone rubber inner layer provides additional cushioning.

Shockproof Design

The shockproof design of the Rancase ensures that your device remains safe even in the event of accidental drops or bumps. The case absorbs the impact and prevents damage to your phone.

Easy Access

The Rancase is designed with precise cutouts to provide easy access to all ports, buttons, and features of your Galaxy A20/A30/A50. You can charge your phone, adjust the volume, and use the camera without removing the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Rancase compatible with other Samsung models?

No, the Rancase is specifically designed for the Galaxy A20/A30/A50 and may not fit other Samsung models.

Does the case come with a screen protector?

No, the Rancase does not come with a built-in screen protector. However, you can easily apply a separate screen protector for added protection.

Is the case easy to install and remove?

Yes, the Rancase is designed for easy installation and removal. Simply snap the case onto your Galaxy A20/A30/A50 for instant protection.


The Rancase Compatible with Galaxy A20/A30/A50 Case is a durable and stylish option for protecting your Samsung device. With its three-layer protection and shockproof design, it ensures that your phone remains safe from accidental drops and impacts. The easy access to all ports and features makes it convenient to use, while the purple color adds a touch of elegance. Invest in the Rancase to keep your Galaxy A20/A30/A50 looking brand new.