TFCFL Panic Bars for Exit Doors

TFCFL Panic Bars for Exit Doors

TFCFL Panic Bars for Exit Doors

Are you looking for a reliable and secure panic bar for your exit doors? Look no further! TFCFL Panic Bars for Exit Doors is the perfect solution for your commercial single door needs. With its fire-proof ability, corrosion resistance, and rounded edges, this panic bar ensures the safety and security of your building.


  • Fire-proof ability
  • Fits doors: 30-36″
  • Solid cored spring bolt
  • Normally open/close
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reversible, non-hand opening
  • Competent for crowded public places
  • Prevents unauthorized access
  • Rounded edges avoiding accidental injury
  • Compatible for both right and left opening doors


  • Door Width: 71-90cm / 28″-36″
  • Fire-proof Ability: 960鈩? 鈮?2min
  • Open Force: 鈮?0N
  • Gross Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
  • Product Size: 70cm(27.6inch)
  • Package Dimensions: 73.5*33.5*25cm (29″ * 13″ * 10″)

Package Content:

  • 1 x Main Part of Door Push Bar Exit Lock
  • Screws for Installation
  • 1 x Roller Latch
  • 1 x User Manual

Operating instructions:

  1. Measure the position of the lock core
  2. Use 35mm drill to punch a hole
  3. Open a suitable lock core hole
  4. Fix the lock
  5. Insert the product onto the lock rod and fix the lock securely
  6. Fix the head cover
  7. Fix the tail iron cover
  8. Cover the tail cover
  9. Try if the lock outside cylinder can open normally
  10. Lock the card to the appropriate location, and then you have fixed a single door unlock successfully (for 30-36″ Door)

Heavy Duty Commercial Rim Exit Device For 30-36″ Door

Our panic bar is designed for heavy-duty commercial use. Made from 201 stainless steel with stoving varnish, it is suitable for both wood or metal door applications (not used for glass doors). The installation is easy and it comes with excellent quality panic hardware. The strike plate and screws are included, but please note that the exterior lever is not included. If you need latches with an exterior lever/alarm, please let us know.

Fire-proof door

Under emergency circumstances, building crews and visitors are able to achieve easy and no-miss escape with a light push (鈮?0N) with their hand or any other body part. Its fire-proof ability (960鈩? 鈮?2min), along with a fire-proof door, buys more precious time when seconds count.

Can be customized

Our exit lock is equipped with a self-lock function if needed. Not only does it prevent unauthorized entries, but it also enables easy interior escape, thus guaranteeing building safety. To meet different management demands, this hardware latch can be customized for normally open or lock with a special tool attached.

Preventing accidental

Our panic bar is able to resist strong external pull. It has a solid cored spring bolt, resisting sawing and destruction. It is a trustworthy guardian for life and property security. It is suitable for controlling visitor flow rate, preventing unauthorized access and theft. It meets legal demands for an emergency exit device in buildings. Doors will open faster based on convenient non-hand opening with a large compression area. Doors will open with a lighter force of 鈮?0N. The rounded edges with standard curving prevent accidental injuries.

Alarm note

Dear customer, the product size and the door size are not the same concept. It means that even if your door is 36 inches, you can still use it. If you cannot install it well, please email us and we would be happy to send you the installation instructions later.


TFCFL Panic Bars for Exit Doors is the perfect choice for your commercial single door needs. With its fire-proof ability, corrosion resistance, and easy installation, it provides the safety and security you need. Don’t wait, get your panic bar today!