Timesulin for Novo Nordisk FlexPen

Timesulin for Novo Nordisk FlexPen

Timesulin for Novo Nordisk FlexPen

Do you ever wonder whether or not you had actually taken your insulin injection? With the Timesulin smart cap fitted onto your FlexPen, your insulin pen will become a smart pen that will show you how much time has passed since your last injection, helping you to avoid accidental double or missed insulin doses. What鈥檚 more is that Timesulin does not require you to inject a minimum amount of insulin, nor does it add bulk to your insulin pen. Choose this cap if you use a Novo Nordisk FlexPen insulin pen. When you place an order you will receive a Timesulin smart cap that fits onto your Novo Nordisk FlexPen insulin pen to help you know for sure when you last injected your insulin. Please note that this Timesulin cap does NOT fit the reusable insulin pens called NovoPen 3/4/5. You can confirm that Timesulin fits your pen by looking at our pen guide before purchasing.

Novo Nordisk FlexPen insulin types

The Novo Nordisk FlexPen comes prefilled with the following types of Novo Nordisk insulins:

  • NovoRapid
  • Levemir
  • NovoLog
  • NovoLog Mix 70/30
  • Protaphane HM(ge)
  • Victoza

Smart Cap For Novo Nordisk Flexpen

Enhances Safety – Reduces Anxiety – Easy and Automatic

30-day money-back guarantee

Please note local customs fees and taxes may apply

No minimum dose – ever

With Timesulin, you can be sure of your insulin injection time, leading to better management of your diabetes. Say goodbye to the anxiety of not knowing whether you’ve taken your insulin or not. Order your Timesulin smart cap for Novo Nordisk FlexPen today!