UV Light Steriliser for Koi Fish Pond & Aquarium Tank | CUV-236 Pond Clarifier

UV Light Steriliser for Koi Fish Pond & Aquarium Tank | CUV-236 Pond Clarifier

UV Light Steriliser for Koi Fish Pond & Aquarium Tank | CUV-236 Pond Clarifier

Are you tired of dealing with algae and harmful bacteria in your Koi fish pond or aquarium tank? Look no further! Introducing the allpondsolutions 36w UV Light Steriliser, the perfect solution to keep your aquatic environment clean and healthy.

Features and Benefits

1. Suitable for Marine and Freshwater Aquariums

Whether you have a marine or freshwater aquarium, the CUV-236 Pond Clarifier is designed to effectively sterilize water in tanks up to 600 litres. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to crystal clear aquariums.

2. Ideal for Pond Sizes up to 20,000 Litres

If you have a larger pond, worry not! This UV light steriliser is suitable for pond sizes up to 20,000 litres. Keep your pond water clean and free from harmful microorganisms.

3. Centre Panel Lights-up for Operational UV

With the CUV-236 Pond Clarifier, you can easily check if the UV light is operational. The centre panel lights up, providing you with peace of mind that your steriliser is working effectively.

4. Inlet and Outlet Adapter Hosetails

The steriliser comes with inlet and outlet adapter hosetails in various sizes (0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5 / 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm). This ensures easy installation and compatibility with different plumbing systems.

5. Through Flow Sterilisation at 6000 L/H

The CUV-236 Pond Clarifier offers through flow sterilisation at a rate of 6000 litres per hour. This means that water passes through the steriliser, ensuring maximum exposure to the UV light for effective sterilisation.

6. Maximum Flow Rate of 10000L/H

With a maximum flow rate of 10000 litres per hour, this UV light steriliser can handle high volumes of water, making it suitable for larger aquariums and ponds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I replace the UV bulb?

A: It is recommended to replace the UV bulb every 6-12 months, depending on usage and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: Can I use this steriliser for my saltwater aquarium?

A: Yes, the CUV-236 Pond Clarifier is suitable for both marine and freshwater aquariums.

Q: Does this steriliser come with a warranty?

A: Yes, allpondsolutions offers a 1-year warranty on the CUV-236 Pond Clarifier.


Investing in a UV light steriliser like the allpondsolutions CUV-236 Pond Clarifier is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy aquatic environment. With its features such as suitability for marine and freshwater aquariums, compatibility with various plumbing systems, and high flow rates, this steriliser is a reliable choice for both small and large tanks. Say goodbye to algae and harmful bacteria, and say hello to crystal clear water!