VCOROS Full Face Motorcycle Helmet X9

VCOROS Full Face Motorcycle Helmet X9

VCOROS Full Face Motorcycle Helmet X9

Are you a motorbike enthusiast looking for the perfect helmet? Look no further! Introducing the VCOROS Full Face Motorcycle Helmet X9. This helmet is not only stylish but also packed with features that will enhance your riding experience. Read on to find out more!

Key Features

Lightweight and Durable

The VCOROS X9 helmet is made with an advanced Lightweight Durable ABS Shell, ensuring both strength and durability. It is designed to withstand impact and protect your head in case of accidents.

Inner Sun Visor

Worried about the sun blinding your vision while riding? The VCOROS X9 helmet comes with a built-in black inner sun visor. It can be easily adjusted to block out the sun, allowing you to ride comfortably and safely.

Bluetooth Ready Speaker Pockets

Stay connected while on the road with the VCOROS X9 helmet’s Bluetooth ready speaker pockets. Simply connect your Bluetooth device and enjoy your favorite music or take calls hands-free. It’s the perfect accessory for long rides.

DOT Approved

Your safety is our top priority. The VCOROS X9 helmet meets or exceeds DOT (Department of Transportation) standards, ensuring that it provides the necessary protection for motorbike riders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the helmet comfortable?

Yes, the VCOROS X9 helmet is designed with comfort in mind. The helmet liner and cheek pads are lightweight, soft, and easily removable and washable. You can ride for hours without feeling any discomfort.

2. Can I use the helmet at night?

Absolutely! The inner edge of the helmet has a reflective design, making it safer to ride at night. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are visible to other drivers on the road.

3. Does the helmet provide good ventilation?

Yes, the VCOROS X9 helmet features fully adjustable flow-through ventilation. It keeps you cool during hot rides and allows you to block the breeze when it’s cold. You can ride in comfort no matter the weather.


The VCOROS Full Face Motorcycle Helmet X9 is the perfect choice for motorbike riders. With its lightweight and durable construction, inner sun visor, Bluetooth ready speaker pockets, and DOT approval, it offers both style and safety. Don’t compromise on your safety and comfort. Order your VCOROS X9 helmet today and enjoy the ultimate riding experience!