WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Portable Water Tank with Hose and Sprayer

WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Portable Water Tank with Hose and Sprayer

WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Portable Water Tank with Hose and Sprayer

Introducing the WaterPORT GoSpout, the ultimate solution for all your outdoor water needs. Whether you’re camping, overlanding, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, this portable water tank is a must-have.


Pressurized Water

The GoSpout holds two gallons of water that can be pressurized in just a few pumps with the built-in Pump Cap. Say goodbye to manual pumping or relying on a garden hose. With the GoSpout, you have the freedom to pressurize your water anywhere, anytime.

Portable and Lightweight

Designed with portability in mind, the GoSpout is durable yet lightweight. It won’t dent, rust, or scratch your vehicle’s bed like metal tanks. Take it with you on your next adventure without any hassle.

Food Grade Plastic

Your safety is our top priority. The GoSpout is made of food-grade plastic, ensuring that the water you store is suitable for potable drinking. Stay hydrated and worry-free.

High-Pressure Spray Nozzle

The GoSpout comes with a 5-pattern high-pressure spray nozzle, allowing you to choose the perfect water flow for your needs. From a gentle mist to a powerful jet, this nozzle has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I heat the water in the GoSpout?

Yes, the black tank of the GoSpout absorbs the sun’s rays, allowing you to heat your rinse water when needed. Enjoy a warm shower even in the great outdoors.

Is the GoSpout suitable for rinsing off after outdoor activities?

Absolutely! The GoSpout is perfect for rinsing off after surfing, hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping. Keep your body and gear clean with ease.

Can I use the GoSpout for washing my car or truck?

Yes, the GoSpout is versatile and can be used for washing your car or truck. Say goodbye to dirty interiors and keep your vehicle clean wherever you go.


The WaterPORT GoSpout is the ultimate companion for all your outdoor adventures. With its portable design, pressurized water capabilities, and high-quality construction, it’s a game-changer in the world of portable water tanks. Say goodbye to manual pumping and hello to convenience. Get your GoSpout today and experience the freedom of portable water.