YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

Experience the unique flavor of smoked cocktails with the YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit. This kit includes a kitchen torch, wooden stand, oak smoker, whiskey stones, and 4 flavors of wood chips. Perfect for whiskey lovers, this kit makes a great gift for any occasion. Elevate your drinking experience and become a skilled smoke bartender with this easy-to-use kit.


Complete Accessories

The YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit comes with everything you need to make smoked cocktails. It includes a kitchen torch (No Butane), a wooden bracket tray, an oak smoker, 4 whiskey stones, a spoon, tongs, a filter, and 4 different flavors of 100% natural wood chips (Apple, Cherry, Walnut, and Oak).

Great Whiskey Smoker Gift

With its elegant gift box packaging, the YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit is the perfect gift for whiskey, wine, spirits, and bourbon lovers. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift, this cocktail kit is sure to impress.

Create a Unique Drinking Experience

Using the YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit, you can elevate your drinking experience to another level. The smoke from the infuser adds a new flavor profile to whiskey or cocktails, while the different wood chips add unique flavors. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience like never before and revolutionize the way you experience food and spirits.

From Amateur to Professional Cocktail Craftsman

The operation of the YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit is simple. Just place the wooden tray on a glass, add whiskey and whiskey stones, and place the smoking kit on top. Add wood chips to the filter, ignite them with the torch, and let them burn for 10-15 seconds. The smoke and aroma will infuse into the glass, creating a delicious smoked cocktail. With this kit, anyone can become a skilled smoke bartender.

Anyone Can be a Bartender

The YLYYCC Cocktail Smoker Kit is fully equipped to help you make your own DIY smoked cocktails or whiskey in just one minute. Discover the joy of having smoked cocktails and surprise your loved ones with their favorite flavors. This kit is not limited to kitchen and bar use, it can also be used in the garden or outdoors, bringing joy and enjoyment to all.