Yinyoo KZ ZSX In Ear Monitor Earphone

Yinyoo KZ ZSX In Ear Monitor Earphone

Yinyoo KZ ZSX In Ear Monitor Earphone

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DD + 5BA Hifi In Ear Monitor Headphone

KZ ZSX earphone is equipped with 1 dynamic and 5 balanced armature drivers. It is a hybrid six drivers hifi in ear headphone, with a 10mm bass double magnetic dynamic driver that enhances the bass in sound. The 5 drivers balanced armature response for Mid to High frequency for music, adding more definition and showing more details in music, providing a balanced sound feature.

Hybrid Drivers 1DD and 5BA Specification

KZ ZSX in ear monitor uses 6 drivers, including one 10mm double magnetic dynamic driver that can be comparable to the bass texture and strength of the traditional dynamic driver. There are also two sets of DWEK Mid and High balanced armature combination, one 30095 high frequency driver, which has detailed resolution and reproduces the true sound of different instruments. The increase in the frequency range is richer in high frequency details and vocals are fuller.

Physical + Electronic Compound Tuning Board

Through reasonable cavity structure settings, the vocal channel of each unit is finely balanced, the depth of the longitudinal sound field is appropriate, and the details are rich and durable.

Improved Detachable 2 Pin Cable Design

The newest protective 2 pin design on this KZ earphone effectively protects the insertion pin from breaking and prolongs the usage time. The 0.75mm cable with gold plated standard 3.5mm jack design provides better sound quality signal transmission. It is easy to change the kz zsn upgrade cable to improve your needs.

2 Month Protection Time

Buy with confidence. YINYOO has the authorization from KZ company, and all of our products are original. You will get a 12 months protection time from the date of purchase if you order from YINYOO.